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  • Description
    • Adjust the way you sleep:
    • Independent head incline: 0 - 65 degrees, foot incline 0 - 45 degrees.3 IN 1 bed legs which means you can change the height of the bed from 3", 6" or 9".
    • Pay more attention to your health:
    • There is a”TV” button on the remote,Recommended to watch the location of the TV,and “ANTI SNORE”button to prevent you snoring.
    • Convenient LED lights:
    • There are LED lights on the bottom of the bed and on the remote control. They are the best assistants when you don't want to bother others to rest but want to find something.
    • Device USB ports:
    • The queen size adjustable bed has two USB ports on both sides.The Twin XL size bed has two USB ports on one side.
    • Headboard can be set:
    • The head of each adjustable bed has a reserved position for the headboard, giving you more choices.

    Size:Twin XL

    Experienced your perfect sleep from LEISUIT Adjustable Bed.

    The Wireless Ergonomic Remote includes
    Head and Foot articulation controls
    You can adjust your sleep position to support each activity you may do in bed, such as eating, reading, watching TV or having to work.
    There will always be a position height that is right for you.
    4 comfort position buttons (zero-gravity, and flat)
    Zero-gravity:Raise your feet above your heart so that to increase your blood circulation, relieve stress and body aches.
    Flat:No matter where you are position,you can use this button to lie flat.
    TV:Recommended to watch the location of the TV.
    ANTI SNORE:Adjustable beds offer you optimal comfort and can reduce moderate snoring and alleviate body.
    Memory position buttons
    No extra action required. 2 programmable memory position buttons to save your favorite position for One Touch Comfort Convenience.


    USB Ports 
    Please Attention !
    The Queen Size adjustable bed has 4 USB ports and 2 on each side of the bed.
    The TWIN XL Size adjustable bed has 2 USB ports,Only on one side of the bed


    Adjustable Legs
    3 IN 1 bed legs which means you can change the height of the bed from 4", 6.5" or 10.5".


    Mattress Retention Rail
    Effectively prevent the mattress from slipping.

LEISUIT Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote Control,USB Ports,Zero Gravity and No Tools Required Twin XL

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